Street Light

The solar PV LED street light is an independent, renewable lighting system. It’s highly energy efficient very bright for its consumed wattage. Ideal for public lighting, parks, campuses and cross roads located in areas where there is no grid or an unstable power grid. This system is fully integrated and automated with the latest and most innovative technologies available and provides years of convenient and trouble-free lighting.

Salient Features

  • Low power consumption and energy efficient LED lamps
  • A 50,000+ hour life
  • Free from noise, smoke and pollution
  • Easy installation and maintenance free
  • Dusk to dawn load operation with night timer programmable option
  • Smart advanced micro-controller technology with accurate voltage settings
  • Mechanical structure with hot dip galvanisation and powder coating for extended life
  • High efficiency series regulation with three stage charging technique
  • Built-in temperature compensation for proper battery charging
  • Normal work-ability for 3 consecutive days during rainy days or days with no sunshine/low sunshine


  • Pathway lighting
  • Perimeter lighting
  • Yard lighting
  • Park lighting


  • Fully pays for itself after 5 years of usage
  • No electricity bill
  • 100% green power
  • Zero operating costs and minimal routine maintenance costs
  • Improved safety factor - No grid connection needed
  • No trench or extensive wring is required simple installation - Reducing labor and installation costs

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