Petrol Pumping System

The solar power systems used on the petrol pumps are perfect for a wide range of applications. Our solutions provide clients with most cutting edge technology in the industry and our custom-tailored approach considers all potential customer requirements including LED lights for canopies, yards, offices or any other locale, even powering fuel-dispenser pumps.

The solar panels are installed in the canopy area or within any available space at site. The interconnecting cables for solar panels are typically run through hidden ducts fitted to the frame of the solar panels. The battery bank and control electronics are installed in sheltered location at ground level, preferably in an office or store room.

High brightness LED lights are connected as the load. The LED lights provide illumination equivalent comparable to a Metal-halide lamp, accounting for considerable energy savings. LED lights have functional lifetimes of more than 50,000 lighting hours.

Salient Features

  • Glass/Glass
  • Tedlar back sheet modules on canopy
  • Flame-proof light fixtures for the perimeter and canopy lights


  • General Lighting
  • Fuel Dispensing
  • Surveillance
  • Safety Alarms


  • Environmentally sustainable Independent systems

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