Overload Trip Switch

This unit is designed and developed solely for independent household loads with automatic shutdown & restart features using “micro-controller”. This unit should be connected in series with the end loads. Under “normal operating condition”, it allows the electrical current to flow through it without any restriction.

In case of over load condition, the unit senses the current precisely and switches off the load and as a result protects the excess discharge. Once the load is switched off and excess current is removed, it reconnects load automatically again after 3 Minutes, and if the same repeats for 5 times the output gets disabled & re-connects only after the power to the load controller is interrupted.

General & Electrical –

  • Nominal voltage: 230VAC, 50Hz
  • No of input/outputs: 1/1
  • Tripping power: 200 to 2000Watts (settable)
  • Trip Setting: Through Keys (8 Set Point)
  • Setting in steps of: 200W, 400, 2000Watts
  • Indication: Led for Trip & Set Current
  • Dimension: 95x105x40mm (WXHXD)
  • Input/Output terminals: Up to 2.5Sq.mm terminal
  • Application: Indoor
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to +50oC
  • Current Sensing: Isolated Transformer

Component Identification Function –

  • Jumper: For Changing the Load Setting
  • Up Key: For Increasing the Load Set
  • Down Key: For Decreasing the Load Set
  • LED- Green: Indicates Load Value Set
  • Led-Red: Over Load Trip
  • Relay: To Trip the Load
  • Control Fuse: 200mA Fuse for the Load Controller
  • Terminals: For Supply & Load
  • Load Fuse: 10 Amps Max for the Output Load

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