Hybrid backup System

The lamps are powered by battery when there is a requirement of light.

The hybrid power pack is designed to maximize efficiency by combining more than one power source, combining solar energy and grid power to give a reliable power solution. The power pack is comprised of solar PV panels, a battery bank and a power conditioning unit with a built-in, automatic change-over switch which feeds uninterrupted AC power to electrical loads. The solar PCU converts DC power to AC power with the battery acting as a reservoir.

The unit supplies power continuously even when grid and solar power are unavailable. System availability can be greatly increased institutions where there is limited or unstable grid supply, as the batteries are able to be charged from solar power as well as grid power. The built-in automatic change-over switch arrangement ensures for power reception is given to solar when both sources are available. Only grid power is utilized for loads as long as grid supply is available, backup power will only work in the absence of grid power.

Salient Features

  • 24/7 highly-reliable power
  • Simple installation - Unit can be mounted on ground or rooftop
  • Low maintenance
  • Intelligent logic for optimum control of direct consumption, feed-in or storage of the solar energy


  • Residences
  • Farm houses
  • Educational Institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Restuarants
  • Offices
  • Internet Centers
  • NGO's
  • Critical Load Backup
  • Laboratories


  • Secure power supply in case of grid power outage
  • Provides high cost-effectiveness and quickly pays for itself through usage
  • Energy Saving
  • Environmental sustainability

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