DC Distribution Board

It is the panel used between solar, battery, inverter and load devices to provide overload and short circuit protection. All the components are  assembled in a suitable powder-coated metal casting.

Major components:

  • MCCB/MCB/Fuse of suitable specifications which can withstand its respective flow of current
  • Metering to monitor solar and battery parameters
  • Copper bus bars of suitable rating
  • IP65 Cable glands for removing incoming and outgoing cables

Salient Features

  • Outdoor Panel Meeting IP54
  • Compact Design
  • Suitable for Wall Mounting and Floor Mounting
  • Powder-Coated enclosure to protect from Rusting
  • Calibrated Shunts and Meters for Accurate Measurements
  • Communication Link on the DC Energy Meter


  • Solar power plants
  • Solar power packs
  • Load distribution system from common power supply
  • Battery charging system


  • Protection against secondary fire hazards
  • Increased safety of operating personnel
  • Easy to carry-out maintenance
  • Lockable

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