Array Junction Box

Solar AJB/Combiner Box is the equipment to combine the DC voltage generated from a number of solar photovoltaic panels. It is important and necessary  equipment in the solar photovoltaic electric generation system, because it reduces the cable between PV modules and charge controllers/inverters, to facilitate maintenance and improve reliability.

The Solar AJB/combiner box has the following characteristics:

  • Meets the outdoor installation requirements
  • Ideal for both small and large systems
  • Fuse/MCB for over load protection on each string
  • Blocking diode for module reverse current protection
  • String power measurement for large scale projects
  • Disconnect switch/MCB on the output side to isolate from the Charge controller/Inverter
  • Surge Protection Device (SPD) for protection against electrical surge and lightening

Salient Features

  • Common for system voltage up to 1000VDC
  • Compact, Safe, easy installation & maintenance
  • Protection from Lightening/Surge/Reverse polarity


  • Rooftop off grid systems
  • Rooftop on grid systems
  • Solar Mega watt projects
  • Solar battery charging systems
  • Solar power industrial systems

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